Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Writing a Bucket List

My bucket list has been changing and evolving since I moved to the island.  My wanderlust has diminished - not evaporated completely, but it is definitely trimmed down.  I'm happy where I am!!!  There are a few places or things that I want to see, but not nearly so many as before. 

As I update my bucket list, I find myself trying to define what would go on it as opposed to a goal list.  Goals are more achievements, a bucket list satisfies an inner longing or desire. At least those are my determining factors.  But I'm finding the lines blurring a bit between the two.  Some of my goals are so important to me and imbued with so much emotion  that they could easily find a place on the bucket list as well.

Maybe I need to find a better label for a list that combines them both?  Life List??

If you've never actually written down your bucket list, I recommend it.  If nothing else, it can be enlightening to read a list of the things that are most important to you before you leave this world.  It's interesting to see how it may change as your life evolves.  What was important last year may not be nearly as important today.

Need some help in getting started?

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