Monday, December 2, 2013

The Unexpected

Ah, sometimes life throws you a curve, a moment to pause and laugh.

I needed to put something under the sink.
It seemed an appropriate time to straighten out the clutter that seems to accumulate there.
When I removed the bag full of extra shopping bags, the fire extinguisher fell over (evidently without the pin in place) and it discharged under the sink, which then billowed out into the kitchen.

So instead of just straightening, I was gifted an opportunity to totally clean out and wipe down, not only under the sink (once I could get the cloud of whatever was in the extinguisher cleared so I could breathe) but also the floor and surrounding area.

The kitchen is sparkling.  I need to recharge or replace the fire extinguisher. And just perhaps I'll know to double check the pin in it.

Thankfully I could see the humor in the moment.  At times it's tempting to take life a bit too seriously!

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