Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Imperfect Holiday Preparations

These few days are gloriously filled with holiday baking (mainly for gifts) and visiting friends. The only shopping I need to do is for stocking stuffers....actually the most fun of all, anyway!  Well, I did spend 3 hours yesterday working my spreadsheets for basket supplies inventory, kit calculations, and ordering supplies.  But now I can just enjoy the best of the holidays.  Sadly my house isn't decorated, but I suppose the good part of that is that I don't have to take them down???

I'm enjoying my neighbors' lights, and finally have the Christmas music on. If I put it on too early, I'm tired of it before the holiday even gets here.  So I'm heading to the kitchen to make double batches of fudge, almond roca, and candied pecans.  Then it's off to fill those stockings and run a few errands....such as getting a massage.

This year the limited preparations are part of the enjoyment, living in the moment and not feeling overwhelmed. Oh for so many years I felt that "have to" mentality, maybe trying to make it perfect for my family. Now I'm relaxed and and just "be", loving what I'm doing and knowing it's enough....more than enough.  Giving myself permission not to be perfect.  Hmm...maybe how it should have been all along???

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