Friday, December 27, 2013

Etching Glass

The new craft that I learned this holiday season in order to make most of the gifts that I gave is glass etching.  Perfect idea for everyone on the list -including the men.  I etched glasses, glass coasters, mugs, a cookie jar, glass bowls, and wine glasses.  (Inexpensive glass items are readily available at dollar stores or discount stores.)

Etchworld at carries the supplies, etching cream, and stencils (although you can certainly make your own with contact paper, and Michaels or craft stores carry the cream).  The best directions, however, are on

There was, of course, a slight learning curve, and one needs to pay attention to the details, take care with stencils and taping around them, neatness (any stray drop will, of course, etch where it touches), protect an enamel sink, and the timer is essential.  The results were amazing, though, and the recipients were pleased and impressed!  Heck, I was impressed every time that I finished an item!!

It was a very pleasant and gratifying process.

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