Tuesday, December 17, 2013

So Much Stuff!!

Off island for a few days, connecting with friends. While I was in downtown Seattle yesterday, my thoughts, pretty much in order were:

- Oh my heavens, I had forgotten that they play Christmas music everywhere (to get you into the mood to shop, I'm sure)
- There is so much totally unnecessary "stuff" to buy
- The lights and decorations are pretty
- Way, way too many things, even if creatively displayed
- Most people are frowning or rushing and not really having a good time
- Feeling overwhelmed with too much....of everything (music, noise, people, did I mention the stuff?, traffic)

Did I really ever enjoy this???

Yes, I'm sounding like a reclusive islander.  Two bright spots were a lovely lunch with my dearest friend, and knowing that the few things that I DO need to buy are available.

My survival plan for staying sound until I get back to the island - live in the moment and enjoy the one I am with....after all, that's the reason for my visit to the mainland.  Oh, and breathe.

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