Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chimera Gallery

The Board of Directors of Chimera Gallery notified me yesterday that my work has been accepted into the gallery.  While I wait for space to open up (for "my" area in the gallery), I will be able to participate in shows.  I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of Chimera!  There is no dawdling on this: I will have 3 pieces in the Annual Holiday Group Show from December 14th - 30th.

Achieving goals like this are definitely part of the "highs" of being an artist.  The lows we know only so well:  the self-doubt as I recently shared, when new ideas don't work on the first....or twentieth try, rejection, criticism, lack of acceptance (all on the work...but it does feel personal at times), and sometimes the shear effort to just "show up" in the studio when uninspired.  This all applies to teaching as well - one can never assume their classes will be accepted, and if they are, then if they will fill.

But good news like yesterday make me smile, and do a few dance steps. and  the whole day seems lighter.

May I never become so blasé that I take any of this for granted.  Living here, being able to both do, and now show, my work are pure gifts.


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