Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Thanking for Service Providers

Funny, I thought everyone "tipped" or gifted their service providers at Christmas time.  One more thing that I learned from my mother, I guess.  Federal regulations don't permit the postal worker to accept cash, but that isn't a problem - I fill decorative bags with homemade candies and cookies each year.  Those goody bags go to the sanitation engineers (aka garbage men) as well.  Each year I also make or purchase small gifts for my hairdresser and nail technicians, also the neighbors that take in packages for me when I am gone.

Complete lists of potential recipients are listed on the websites below.

Why even do it?  In the least, to say thank you for their attention to your needs all year. For me, it's a way to let them know that they are valued and not taken for granted. (There are additional bonuses as well:  if I have to occasionally change a last minute appointment, or put out an extra bag of garbage, I'm not charged - but that truly isn't my reason for gifting.)

But also, in this day and age when we often don't even know our neighbors' names, showing someone that you notice them and their efforts speaks volumes. It's even better if you've taken the trouble to learn their names!

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