Friday, December 13, 2013


My peaceful view will be restored in a few days, as well as the shoreline of Barlow Bay.  Yesterday I went over to the worksite and spoke with the Aquatic Restoration Specialist from the Department of Natural Resources.  The barge and crane are part of the shoreline restoration project, working with the Friends of the San Juans to help restore healthy shorelines.  (She did say that the size of the barge and crane were a bit more than they had anticipated for the size of this project.) They are simply removing the decaying pilings from an old dock, eliminating the creosote that leaches into the water.

I'm relieved.  I'm sure the fish and seabirds will be relieved.  A little bit of notice would have been nice, but at least the mystery is solved.

I won't be sad to see them gone. But I am intrigued to know that divers with underwater chainsaws will finish off the work in the next few days.  Ah, the things we learn.

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