Tuesday, December 31, 2013

January Money Diet

Have decided to officially do the January Money Diet this year.  Last year I did it on my own, with good results.  This year I will make it official, and see if it's any easier, different, or better.  Leaving a short comment apparently signs you up. It's a great way to start the habit of cutting spending, which seems to change my attitude for the rest of the year.

January Money Diet

Could you go for 31 days without spending any money?
Hundreds of people participate each year in the January Money Diet, and you’re invited to join the Fifth Annual January Money Diet starting January 1, 2014 when we again embark on a month-long break from nonessential spending. The January Money Diet will challenge you to explore ways to live well and have a fabulous timewithout spending cash.
Throughout the month, Happy Simple Living will post money-saving tips, photos, recipes, do-it-yourself ideas, moneymaking strategies, challenges and reader suggestions to help you start the new year right. We’ll also be featuring your tips, guest bloggers experts, and special prizes, so check back often!
Here’s how to join the challenge:
1. Subscribe to the Happy Simple Living feed to have the daily posts conveniently delivered to your e-mail InBox.
2. Leave a comment below pledging your participation.
“Doing the money diet was a great experienceby cutting out unnecessary spending, I was able to pay off some bills, and I had a lot of fun trying out free activities in the area. I will definitely be dieting again.” ~ Laura N.
3. If you have a blog or website and are participating in the challenge, feel free to add one of these buttons to your site by right-clicking the image and saving or copying it:
The January Money Diet from Happy Simple Living blog
January Money Diet, sponsored by Happy Simple Living
January Money Diet from Happy Simple Living blog
Your first challenge will be delivered on New Year’s Day. My hope is that by participating in this group endeavor together, we’ll all start the new year a little wiser and a little richer — both personally and financially.
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