Friday, December 6, 2013

Living My Eulogy or My Resumé?

Some of my on-line reading the other day included the article: Are You Living Your Eulogy or Resumé by Arianna Huffington at

The phrase has stuck with me, tugging at the edges of my consciousness as I go about my days.

One of my life-times ago, actually about 29 years ago, I taught Time Management, Organization and Goal Setting seminars.  At the beginning of each session, I would have the participants write their own eulogy.  From that, we would set our goals, hopefully based on realizing that eulogy.  (Then we would proceed to the time management and organizational part, to create the time in ones life to attend to those goals.)  I stopped teaching those seminars when I realized that most folks simply wanted to become more organized in order to cram more and more things and schedules into their life, not to live a better, fuller, prayerful, thoughtful life.

But what it just took me a paragraph to write, is summed up perfectly in the title of her article.

Perhaps a better title for my seminar would have been:  Creating a Life Where Your Resumé Is Your Eulogy.  And of course, someone has already done just that in a time management seminar, if not in the title at least in the content.  See Tony Agnesi at with some added thought-provoking comments.

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