Monday, December 23, 2013

Moment By Moment

I think I am enjoying this holiday season more than almost any other year, simply because I am savoring each day, each hour, each moment. Living in the moment means enriched experiences, noticing the little things, being fully present in each conversation.
Every person in my life is a treasure.
Holiday baking is more pleasant as I anticipate the pleasure it will bring.
The homemade gifts, made with love, are even a joy to wrap (and normally I hate to wrap presents).
A holiday meal here, a party there, a quiet conversation, a shared moment - all are brought into crystal clear focus by my being fully there in the moment - at least trying to be.

I 'm sounding very pollyannna-ish, I do realize.  But I simply need to share what pleasure it is to live this way, and how much I appreciate my life and all the gifts in it.  I just need to open my eyes and see them.  And, yes, being more "other" focused at this time of giving is part of it. Oh, some not so nice things do happen.  I just choose to live them in that moment, and then they pass away so much more easily.

How can you not be filled with gratitude if you let yourself be aware of so very many moments to cherish?

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