Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Results Are In

My family unanimously agreed that our simpler, homemade holiday gift-giving this year was absolutely the best - much more thoughtful and creative.  It's one thing for me to want to live more simply, and embrace the island life.  It's entirely another to have shared it with my family, and that they were willing to give it a try - at least as far as our Christmas gifts.

Gifts that I received included special homemade food items, a crocheted scarf, family members traveling to join us, pictures,a re-gifted cookie jar (love it!!) and a wonderful bound photo album of the first 9 years of life with my grandkids.  My gifts to others were a crocheted baby blanket, crocheted potholders,  two beaded bracelets, and a myriad of items from my newly learned craft - glass etching! (To be shared in a later post.)  Other gifts included homemade beef jerky (a huge hit), homemade coffee liquor, and a fun weekend to be shared with the grandkids. I know...oddly no baskets were made for the family!

Living in the moment, appreciating the thought, time, and care that went into each gift, and slowing down to talk about our experience of simpler giving with each other - absolutely priceless.

So yes, we will continue our new tradition.  And we have an entire year to plan and create! To describe this as gratifying would be a total understatement!

Homemade presents - the gifts that keeps on giving!

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