Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mystery of Sleep

The phenomena of sleep remains a mystery to me.  It intrigues me, both what it is and why we need more on some days, less on others.  At least I do.  I awoke last night from a very odd dream, and simply could not go back to sleep.  I was totally awake.

Apparently, studies do show that "older adults" need less sleep.  http://www.livescience.com/8075-older-adults-sleep.html  I'm not sure I like being labeled an older adult, but there it is.

Whatever, and however, I'm comfortable getting up after only 4 hours of sleep and starting my day, albeit very, very early in the morning.  Sometimes I have a new design for a basket in my head and that's what gets me up.  Unfortunately, that is not the case this time.

So I'm starting my day.  The sleeping island is quiet, peaceful and cold. (It's way too early for even the birds.) Sophie is not quite sure why I'm up, so has accompanied me to my chair to supervise this early foray into our day.  Normally she vocalizes her confusion or dissent, but perhaps it's even too early for that.....she hasn't said a thing.

I'll just see it as a gift of about four extra hours today.  I suppose I would be worried if this happened every night, but thankfully it doesn't.  Yes, it's a mystery.

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