Monday, January 2, 2017

A New Year - Reflections & Exploration

Almost every blogger in the world will be writing about reflecting on the old year, setting goals for the new year, and generally repeating the annual spate of "shoulds", losing weight, exercising more, and self-improvement.  Yes, it is definitely a great time for reflection, but I prefer to be a bit gentler with myself about the whole thing.

My word for this year, in keeping with my Year of Exploration and Discovery, is simply: EXPLORATION.  And since it's MY word, I can interpret that however I want.  I already know it includes art, and crafts, and classes.  Perhaps it will include new ways to exercise and keep my body healthy.  It may even involve travel, although that hasn't been intriguing to me for awhile.  I might even explore new book genres.

The reflection part is wonderfully told in:
Reflecting on the New Year by Beth Meredith & Eric Storm of Create The Good Life.  The article is about meditation, but all I could think about while reading it was that it expressed the epitome, for me, of writing my morning pages. (They do list journaling as a form of meditation, I might add.) They are my daily link to:

take us deeply into ourselves, encouraging us to go beyond our habitual thoughts and explore new terrain. Here we may uncover truths that have eluded us, or unearth a cache of new possibilities that has been quietly, patiently waiting to be found. Through this process of discovery we can become unstuck, inspired and, just possibly, wiser. 

 I'm always surprised at what seemingly magically appears on the pages as I write each morning. Although initially used to just clear my brain of daily trivia and worries, occasionally gems appear while writing that are creative, almost inspired at times; connections that I simply didn't consciously make before.  I love these moments when I am holding the pen, but it is almost as if another person was dictating ideas.  This may be one of the important sources of DISCOVERY for my year.  At any rate, it is also a wonderful venue for using all of my fountain pen collection!  The flow of ink onto the page with a fountain pen is rhythmic, soothing, and definitely part of the meditative process for me.