Thursday, February 28, 2013

Island Magic

The island worked its magic again the minute that I drove off of the ferry.  I immediately relaxed, could breathe, and felt like I was home again.  A month is way, way too long to be away.

Sophie traveled perfectly - a couple of questioning meows when we started out, then absolute silence.  This could have been interpreted as pouting or anger with me, but if so, she certainly got over it quickly once we arrived. She spent 10 minutes (total) hiding behind the washer, then set out to explore the house.  She seems to enjoy all the windows, although there hasn't been too much wildlife to view, yet.

I'm afraid I didn't settle right down into a productive work schedule, either.  I had a meeting with the contractor about our on-going water issue, then had to go to the beach since the tide was out, then had to get caught up and visit with my one neighbor.  I scheduled a cup of tea with the one Bahai on the island, as well as a time for prayers together.  I should know better than to expect myself to buckle right down to work!!!! 

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