Friday, February 1, 2013

Being Human

Life can have some obvious frustrations - when things just don't go right.  And usually you can point to exactly what is wrong, what isn't working, what is the problem.

But what do we do when we can't name it?  Something is just "off", but we're not sure exactly what that is?

I am in the midst of being off kilter at the moment.  Nothing is "wrong" - things just aren't perfectly right.  Usually I'm so centered, but not so for the last few days.  And that's frustrating for me.

So I'm working on patience with myself until it gets sorted.  I so much more prefer my normal state of optimism, happiness, and energy. Really, what is there to share in a blog during this state?

Maybe it's simply a human condition to have off days.  At least these times make us appreciate all the others - if we weren't down occasionally, how would we know and recognize when we are up?  But so much for philosophizing - I just want to get back to being "me"!

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