Sunday, February 24, 2013

Slower & Simpler - Space

Having discovered another site about slowing down, I just have to share it.

There is so much information on her site, so I will only share two points here.  The first one about space in your days, seems to be the epitome of why I love Lopez Island.  It gives me space!!!

You Need Space in Your Days
We schedule the hell out of our days. Between work, train timetables, coffee dates, meetings, school pick ups, kids activities, social events, friends, family, visitors, birthdays, sporting events and exercise, there are huge spans of time that stretch ahead of us, booked out weeks in advance. How exhausting.
You need space in your days.
Space for flexibility and – even more fun – space for spontaneity. Space for an unplanned trip to the beach, or a movie afternoon complete with blanket fort and popcorn. Space for drop-in visitors. Space for hobbies. Space for exploring your neighbourhood. 

And she addresses a lovely approach to simplifying, that doesn't necessarily entail a marathon clean-up:

What was feeling cluttered? .... I decluttered it.
What was feeling complicated? ..... I simplified it.
What was nagging me, that was just not quite right?......I addressed it.

Love step at a time, dealing with what is bothering you right now. 
So simple....go figure!

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