Thursday, February 21, 2013

Book Club

I founded our book club in 1986 - and we are still going strong.  We have some of the original members, many that have come and gone throughout the years, and currently 9 of us that remain strong to our tradition.

Yesterday started a new chapter for us.  Most of us are no longer working or stay at home moms (although we do have new, young blood in our group!), so we tested out meeting at noon for a potluck of sorts salad lunch for our meeting.  It's a testament to our collective age that we are not as comfortable driving at night as we used to be!

 I think what keep us together is that we have a presentation on the author, the book, its reviews, as well as actually discussing the book! (We've graduated over these years from physically going to the library to both do the research and check out the books, to now Internet research and often ereaders.)  Lively intercourse among intelligent women (yes, women only) always makes for an entertaining time.  We definitely don't all agree on all topics (and none of us agree on some of them), but we are not afraid to voice our opinions.  In reality, there often are three conversations going on at once - all of them interesting.  Yesterday my presentation included an interview of the author or uTube - un-thought-of until these last few years.

If anyone wants a list of the books we've read over the years, just let me know.  We have a splendid  list from 26 years of reading!  What I love about a book club is that it forces me to read some books that I would never pick up on my own. I always learn from them - even if it's that I really don't ever want to read that author again.  But my knowledge is forever broadened.  And of course, I've often discovered an author, new to me, that then sends me off to read everything that they have written.

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