Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pearls & Diamonds

Perused some elite exhibits today .... Held a $55,000 natural pearl in my hand, observed a friend enjoying $65,000 earrings, and tried on a pair of $27,000 diamond earrings myself. Lovely to look at and absolutely non-essential for real life. Who buys this stuff?

But the very best part of the day? I spent it with a new friend - an amazing, intelligent, energetic and intuitive dynamo. It was one if those serendipitous days, full of coincidences, surprises, laughter, and heartfelt connections .

The day ended by watching the movie "Argo" with my hostess. Excellent production (and well deserving of their nominations) but be prepared for a tense movie, from beginning to end.

Hard to believe I only have one day left of this surreal adventure. I found the beads (and a few more) that I had hoped to purchase, bought several gifts, and made some important business and amazing personal connections. A perfect blend, I'm thinking.

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