Monday, February 25, 2013


I love going to auctions - it's how I furnished quite a bit of Anadaré. And you never know what great treasure you are going to find!  (Remember the fine china, settings for 12 plus all of the serving pieces including teapot, creamer, sugar bowl for use on Lopez - all thanks to an auction and no one else wanting to bid on this lovely set with an ivy pattern.)  But even if there are only a few things that interest me, it's always lively entertainment.  Hmmm....maybe that's why there are TV shows about it!

Yesterday we went out to breakfast with my god-daughter and her husband, then off to an auction in Seattle.  We had so much fun introducing them to the process, people watching and just being generally entertained by the auctioneer.  An antique spinning wheel was really the only thing that caught my eye.

For Lopez, I'm still looking for a narrow bedside table and a bench to hide the recycling bins.  Darn - I guess we'll have to keep going to auctions....  It so fits into the recycling portion of slower and simpler.

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