Friday, March 1, 2013

Island Connections

Yesterday was a day full of connections.  I met a friend at the Lopez Ferry Dock and we walked onto the ferry going to Shaw Island.  The workers on the ferry greeted us with "Oh, it must be basket weaving day!"  My mindset is still from the impersonal, Seattle busyness, because I'm forever surprised here that people actually notice each other, and are friendly.  As we departed on Shaw, they called out wishes for a great day of weaving.

On Shaw, one of the basket weavers from Orcas Island picked us up to drive us to the Center.  A day spent with like-minded weavers, all making different baskets or projects, chatting about conferences, judging basketry at the summer Fair, and helping each other with weaving problems all makes for a very pleasant day.  (They also all make me feel welcome and appreciated for any tips that I might offer.)

Back to the Lopez again, and I was warmly greeted at the grocery store as I stopped for a few things.  Who are these people? The friendliness and greetings express the connectedness of island life, as does "the Wave" while driving. (The ferries are practical, necessary, and obvious connections for islanders - probably too obvious to mention.)

I can't be invisible here.  It's this interesting shift in awareness that has so much appeal.  No wonder it feels like home.

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