Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crochet - Knots - Weaves - Beads - Braids - Baskets

Ah, the interconnectedness (pun intended) of all the myriad ways of manipulating fibers and materials into so many apparently different types of articles.  And a few of us from IGKT (International Guild of Knot Tyers) have recently been discussing just that - how our various mediums are related and similar.

As a basket weaver, interweaving the spokes, weavers, and often lashers is really no different from beading, which weaves the thread and beads into amazing patterns and designs.  My fascination with knots - sometimes also incorporated into my baskets - is intimately related, as is braiding.  Crocheting and knitting obviously are in the same family.

Yesterday I got to spend a spontaneous, sunny day with my best friend, perusing the extravagant variety of yarns in All Points Yarn Store in Des Moines, WA.  What a feast for the senses - the colors, textures and varieties! (BEST yarn store ever!) We spent the day planning, buying yarn, and then teaching her how to crochet (really refreshing her memories of crocheting of 30 years ago).

So I've decided NOT to feel guilty about taking time to crochet, or bead, or's not really a distraction from my's simply another expression of the same intriguing love.  Maybe I need to have another name for what I do.....intertwining?  Hmmm...the right word obviously is a bit elusive.  I can't be the first to make this connection, so off I go to research this family of weaves and find what others might have called it.

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