Sunday, February 17, 2013

Slower & Simpler - Thoughtful Change

“Never confuse movement with action.” Ernest Hemingway

As I try to make my life slower and simpler, living thoughtfully, I realize that there are alot of options out there in the big, wide world.  But just making any old change isn't the answer that is right for me, ie. movement for movement's sake.

I need to ask myself questions that direct me to the next, immediate meet people who can assist me......but also to make forward movement even if I don't have all the answers (or even questions) right at this moment.

So I'm learning to ask myself what I can do right now to start, to change. It definitely is a skill (learnable) to embrace the possibilities, opportunities, and uncertainties in whatever I want to tackle, while keeping in mind if this idea is of service to anyone or is in line with my basic beliefs.

It is okay that I don't know what I don't know, until I start - once I have asked myself some of these questions.  Opportunities for growth abound!!


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