Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Step Away from the Basket

Yesterday I finished one version of the basket I've been struggling with.....and I hated it.  This morning I decided that enough time and effort had been spent on the little black basket - and I chose to step away.  I put all the materials for it away.  And I'm not going to return to it any time soon.  As soon as I put it all away - such relief and peace!!!  I worked on another driftwood basket, and got out materials for a couple more projects that need to be completed.  And I am ever so much happier.

I don't think of it as quitting.  I think of it more as simply stepping away and giving the basket, and myself, some breathing room.  Maybe for a few weeks, perhaps for a few months.  I'm not giving up....I'm just embracing the fact that I'm not going to create that basket right at this time in my life.

The question does arise, however, what to do with the three versions that I did complete.  Do I burn them (which is awesome, by the way, if you've never done it)?  Just throw them away?  I'm not sure I want them around.....but I may need them to remind me of what DOESN'T work. 

All I know, right now, is that I'm quite content working on things that I know DO work.  And I have a friend visiting for a couple of days from Arizona so I feel that I can comfortably take a little time out to show her the beaches and delights of the island.

I'm calm, relaxed, and breathing.  SO much better....

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