Monday, July 1, 2013

An Artist's Frustration

Dealing with frustration as an artist is an on-going lesson.  I started a new basket....that in my head worked perfectly....yeah, not so much in reality.  So finally I told myself to "step away from the basket", and walked down my dirt road to the neighbors who were out for the weekend for a lovely visit.

Came home and tried again.  Sigh.  Still not working.  So went up to pick up my mail (a basket base that I had my husband mail to me due to a total change in plans for another basket), and stopped by another friend's place to visit on the way back to the house.  Sitting on her deck, chatting with other artists who totally understand about frustration was so helpful.

Well, it didn't help resolve my issue with that basket.  But I set it aside, grabbed some driftwood, stuck it in the microwave to kill any residual bugs, and will start another bright idea that I had.

Will it work the first time?  Not sure.  But having options, time to step aside and let ideas percolate for a bit, and even perhaps working on something that I KNOW will work are all part of the process. (I did finish a small beaded purse last night and made great progress on a beaded vessel.)

In between I have my glorious view, the beach, artist friends - and a gentle breeze off the water that keeps the temperature in the 70's, even as the city endures a heat wave.  My frustration is certainly being pleasantly contained.

This, I realize, is the epitome of an artist's first year on the island......having the inspirations, quiet time to create, as well as the support group.

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