Saturday, July 13, 2013

Feeding the Artist's Soul

Yesterday was a wonderful mix of work, weaving, picnicking on Spencer Spit, working some more, and then experiencing an amazing piano concert by Dan Kennedy.  His style and laid-back presentation were perfect for the island.  His pieces seemed to speak directly to my inner self, conjuring images and emotions.  Obviously, my kind of music!

He is on his "Follow Your Intuition 2013 Tour", promoting his album Intuition. (It's also #8 on the top 100 list for New Age Music.)  Touring with his family, I might add.  As we sat across the aisle from his son and nephews, I wondered what it must be like for them, to drive across the country (from Massachusetts) and experience the performances in mostly small towns around the nation.

It was a memorable evening....then leaving the Community Center in the soft twilight of the island.....driving home with NO traffic whatsoever (unheard of after a concert on the mainland)....and now reliving his performance as we play his CD.  As always, I am in awe of the cultural and artistic performances available on our small island.  It definitely feeds my soul and artistic self.

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