Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Preparations for a return to Lopez entails the usual list, although sometimes unwritten, of errands and packing.  I definitely need to get to the chiropractor before I go, have my last session with the physical therapist, pick up a few items at both the grocery store and pharmacy, and decide what weaving and beading projects to take with me.  Then I need to water the house and outdoor plants (although my husband does take good care of them while I am gone).  The computer and what work to take with me is next..... and finally some clothes would be good (I don't yet have a full set of "island" clothes that remain there).  Ah yes, and double-checking the list I did make before I left the island the last time, to remember to bring up on the next trip.
Am I complaining?  Not at all.  Anticipation, preparation, packing, and planning are all part of the adventure and delight....not just of going to the island but also of vacations.  Anticipation is at least half of the fun....but even better in this case, because it's more of a "staycation"!  (I don't think the delight of the island well ever, ever leave me.)

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