Saturday, July 6, 2013

Power Up!

Wove some on the little black basket.....she is now behaving quite nicely, and I'm enjoying working on her.  (Oh, it is definitely a "her" with her previous hissy fits.)

And what day isn't just superb when you get to use power tools??  I tried out my new hand sander on some driftwood - perfect!  Then drilled some holes in it with the power drill.  Sigh.  Working out on my deck in the sunshine makes it all even better.

Then I went into the village for a Baha'i study group, then came back home to weave just a bit more.

I had so many lovely comments about the beaded chalice, that I started another one, in teal and silver with touches of gold.

It was a sunny, productive, and energizing day.....and I am not taking any of it for granted.

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