Friday, July 12, 2013

Easily Off Schedule


My, how easily I can get off schedule!  My husband could finally get away from the mainland and arrived yesterday.  It's lovely to see him, but Sophie and I are totally off of our normal schedule with another person here.  Plus, he's shaved off his mustache that he's had for 42 years.  It's a little disconcerting to feel like I'm married to a different man. Sophie isn't quite sure who he is, either - perhaps due to the mustache (or lack thereof), or simply because she hasn't seen him in awhile.  Whatever it is, she is clingy (and sitting on my feet as I write).

Another shift in my schedule is that I have a lot of paperwork to get done - board work for a non-profit, paying bills, and submitting class proposals.  Sigh.  I'd much rather be weaving and exploring the island.  I definitely prefer my creative bubble.

Well...maybe if I just settle down and get SOME of it done, we can go for a walk....


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