Monday, July 22, 2013

Connections to Places and Things

Of the several very entertaining events this last weekend, one that definitely stood out was the Red Grammer concert in Bellevue.  We took our grandson's, and we were all thoroughly engaged in the songs and stories by Red. .

One of his stories was about his guitar that was stolen at an airport, but found its way back to him through the caring honesty of a stranger. (Red also played the song that he wrote for this wonderful individual.)  Red spoke about the resonating connection he has with that guitar.  What is that almost spiritual link we have with places or objects in this world?  I've been thinking about this ever since we walked out of the concert.

I'm not talking about materialism here, or the accumulation of many things.  It's that heartfelt connection to just a very special item or place.  We do live in a material world, after all. So forming extraordinary connections shouldn't be unexpected.

The palpable attraction of Lopez Island to my very being is one of those connections.  I can't explain it.  It is simply there, tangible and strong.  Perhaps one day I'll even understand it.

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