Friday, July 5, 2013

Back to Work

After a day off for the holiday (although a day off in paradise does seem similar to a regular day), it will be back to work today on that troublesome basket and the intent of starting another one on driftwood.

I am basking in the memories of such a quiet, relaxing Fourth......meeting some of my neighbors for the first time since I've been on the island (even if I was on my deck in my jamies having my cup of tea in the morning), giving myself permission to crochet on the deck (not worrying about any baskets or their particular problems), a quiet walk to the beach:

....some interesting talks with others at the beach (including one lady who is working on her pilot's license to fly up instead of drive....the THIRD person to talk to me about for thought), and the awesome peace sitting on a log at the beach:

I chose not to go into the village for the fireworks, but stayed at home and to bed in the QUIET - an amazing thing for the Fourth.

So it's back to weaving, refreshed and eager to tackle my little basket that I will one day love....but has gained my hard-earned respect.

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