Thursday, July 25, 2013

Awaiting Another New Beading Book

Looking back over my blog for this past year, I realize that I've already shared about several beading books.  However, as I sit here this morning, eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new book today, it only seems right in posting about it.  So why don't I blog about basketry books?  Maybe because my weaving has taken a different track and what I'm interested in weaving isn't in any books.  Beading, however, is something else, especially when it involves 3-D creations and vessels. So I'm eagerly anticipating my pre-publication copy!

 Marcia DeCoster's Beads in Motion: 24 Jewelry Projects that Spin, Sway, Swing, and Slide


Beaders will rejoice in this long-awaited new collection from world-famous teacher and designer Marcia DeCoster. DeCoster has devised 24 stunning beadwoven jewelry projects that showcase dynamism and movement—from a simple drop that swings from chains to elaborate pieces with intricate components that spin around a core of beads or along a beaded base. They're playful, delightful, and inspirational!  Publication date: 8/6/2013

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