Saturday, July 27, 2013

So Many Choices

After this short hiatus  (filled with visiting grandkids, cleaning the house, sorting the studio, packing for the next trip to Lopez, beading, learning new beading techniques, and reconnecting with old friends), I'm finally feeling the need again to weave.  Sometimes I just need that break - a time of renewal.

So it is with some eagerness, and a clean workspace, I want to work on a piece that I started a couple months ago but has been languishing because of my attention to preparations for teaching classes and working on the inventory for the studio tour.

Ah, but first a visit to the Seattle Scottish Highland Games with my husband (dressed in his kilt) beckons....oh yes, and then to the bead store with my daughter....

Well, I thought I was almost ready to start can get so complicated...there are so many wonderful choices!

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