Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Into the Village

I have become one of the "South-enders" that I was told about when we came to Lopez Island.  When you live closer to Lopez Village or mid-island, you are much more likely to go into the village, browse, shop, visit, whatever.  But for those of us that live on the south end of the island, trips into the village become more rare.

When they first told me about this phenomenon, I laughed.  Really?  It's only about 10 miles, on lovely country roads.  And especially now in the summer, it's not raining, or storming.  But it is so true.  I knew that I had a Baha'i study group in the village yesterday, so planned my errands around that one trip.  I simply do not feel like jumping into the car and driving "all" that way unless I must.

And the drive yesterday was wonderful - the sun, the birds, the farm animals to see.  Shopping was a little bit more of a challenge with the bicyclists and summer visitors (but to be expected), and our study group was great.  But it was with relief that I got home to my seclusion and quiet.

Oh my heavens!  After living in the Seattle area and easily driving 150 miles a week, I have to laugh at myself.  The island definitely has its hold on me!

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