Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Hummingbirds

Our temperatures took a dramatic dip overnight last night to 24⁰.  As I was making my tea this morning, and replacing the water for our dear, feral kitty that was frozen solid, I happened to think about the three hummingbirds that are staying over this winter.  (My husband usually feeds our little winged visitors, but he is at Anadaré finishing up the painting on the interior doors.)

At any rate, thankfully I thought about the hummingbird feeder and yes - found it was also frozen.  It is now thawing as I write, and will be ready for them when they venture out at dawn. I feel such a responsibility for them, especially during the winter like this.  We just haven't had weather cold enough to freeze their food before last night.

So when my husband gets back, he'll have to get out his invention from last year:  a thermostatically controlled hummingbird feeder heater.  The name needs some work, obviously, but it works like a charm.  Until then, I will check their feeder several times during the day and bring it in at night.  It is the least I can do for these special, precious little dears that winter over with us.

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