Monday, January 21, 2013

Home to the Humidity

Oh my heavens - it is so very good to be home, back into humidity.  Texas was so very dry!  And I came home to a thick fog (thankfully the plane could still land).  I know it isn't good for air quality, but my body is basking in the moisture.  (One would think that my favorite color is gray!)

The best part of this last trip was the support and encouragement, from both students and teachers, to continue on my exploratory path of lattice twining and other bound weaves.  I have even more ideas for new baskets and projects now.  Sometimes I get bogged down in my own weaving, and forget that other people really are interested in what I am doing.  So while it's  a "simple" technique for me, I have renewed respect for how others see my work.

I finished the accounting for this last trip this morning, so I can concentrate on getting packed for going to the island this week.  I need to complete a commissioned work as well as start a new piece that has been rummaging around in my head.  I also hope to start work on some earring designs (I orders some darling molds for earrings and pendants that will be perfect).

And this will be the first trip when a friend will be coming with me, to enjoy the solitude and gifts of the island with me.  I can hardly wait to show it off!!

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