Sunday, January 20, 2013

Slower and Simpler - Use What You Have

Part of my "Simpler" resolution this year is to use what I already have.
  -  Use the china, crystal, and silver.  For just whenever.  I doubt that the President will be coming to dinner, at least not anytime soon.  So why not enjoy it??
  -  Use the fancy writing pads, lists, stationery that I've collected or received as gifts.  I keep saving them for....what?  When IS the perfect time to use them?  How about now - this year.
  -  Use the leather bound journals that I have collected - I have so many that I may never have to buy another journal!  I tend to use the cheap spiral bound notebooks to "save" the leather bound one for some distant future.  That future is starting now.
  -  I have a stash of my favorite teas, wonderfully aromatic lotions, gifts of jams and jellies - and I'm going to start enjoying them.
  -  There is an envelope with gifts cards that I've been saving for "some day" - I'm going to put them where I can see them daily and start using them.

And just think - none of this costs a penny and it also helps simplify and declutter.

Okay, and I also get to feel decadent while using them!! 

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