Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Maps, Charts, Compass

I have a very good sense of direction - normally.  And whenever I travel, one of my basic needs is to have a map (paper or electronic) to help me keep my bearings.  Not only do I want to know where I am in relation to the things around me, in addition, for some reason, I also need to know where due North is.

Island living does present it's challenges for me in this regard. There is so much water, so many islands, and 360 degree views.  The island also twists and turns.   So with great delight we mounted our newly laminated chart of the San Juan Islands (finding a place to get it laminated was an event in itself).  It is shown here with my over the door reed holder that my husband adapted for me.

On those places on the island (Aleck Bay and Iceberg Point, for example) where it's easy to be directionally challenged, I now take my phone and use the compass app, so I can figure out exactly what direction I am facing.  Especially at Iceberg Point, it can get a little confusing.  Are those the Olympic Mountains or the Cascades that I see?  Is that San Juan Island or Vancouver Island that I view?

I think I am finally getting my bearings - in more ways than one - on the island.

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