Friday, January 11, 2013

Iceberg Point on Lopez Island

So having mentioned Iceberg Point, I just have to share some of the vistas from our first hike out to the point.  (Note - having biked and visited the island all my life, this was my first time out on the point!!)  The day was partly overcast, but the views were still amazing.  Interesting that on a chilly day in January, in the middle of the week, we met over a dozen locals out for a stroll as well (felt like a crowd!).  The area reminds me of Scotland (not that I've been there yet) with the rocks, cliffs, rugged coastline, wind, and low vegetation.
This definitely is one of my favorite spots on the island now.
The Cascades (if you squint)
The Olympics (white spot on the little island is a seal)
Vancouver Island (I think)
San Juan Island in the distance

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