Monday, January 14, 2013

Packed and Ready for Basketry Classes in Texas!

With profound relief, I can say that all my class materials, kits and tools for sale are all packed and ready to travel with me on Wednesday to Texas for teaching at TBWA Basket Convention near Dallas this year.  Traveling by air makes the packing similar to a jigsaw puzzle, with the added element of weight distribution thrown in.  But the puzzling is done - I just have to now squeeze in a few clothes for me and all is good.

My husband will be helping maneuver the luggage on this end, a dear friend is picking me up on the other end, so there will be minimal hassle there.  I'm 5'2", so traveling with three large bags, a carry-on bag and large "purse" (that holds my actual purse as well as other assorted necessities) gives a whole new meaning to "bag lady" when I have to manage them on my own.  I'm sure it's entertaining to watch, but a visual that I would just as soon avoid.

But until Wednesday, I can relax that the work part of this trip is done.  Teaching is sometimes tiring, but always fun.  And that is the whole reason that I do it!

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