Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reading on the Airplane

I love to fly.
  -  I like to be organized, and packing a bag, a carry-on, even the little baggie with liquids that is packed efficiently makes me feel "together"
  -  People watching is a wonderful pastime, and what better place than in the airport?
  -  The enforced waiting time at the airport, plus the time itself on the plane is reading time without guilt! I rarely permit myself to just sit and read, and travel days are designated reading days for me.

Of course, variety in reading material is essential.  So for today's trip I have packed one creativity book, one for spiritual reading, and my Nook full of choices (the glory of ereaders - carrying a myriad of books in one little `package).

The Creativity Book Eric MaiselThe creativity book for this trip is, oddly enough, The Creativity Book by Eric Maisel.  Hopefully it will be full of gems that I can share with you.  And honestly, I'm in need of a little creativity - I've been so involved with preparing for teaching and producing some commissioned works, that I'm feeling the need to weave an art piece - something that makes me smile, satisfies my yearning to create and makes me feel like an artist.

For spiritual upliftment, I have Prophet's Daughter - The Life and Legacy of Bahiyyih Khanum, Outstanding Heroine of the Baha'i Faith by Janet A. Khan.  I have been so looking forward to reading this!

And my Nook?  It holds the perfect range from which to choose as my mood might dictate, and it also shows my rather eclectic taste:
The Odyssey by Homer - thought it would be fun to reread this favorite from high school
Out of Place by Edward Said - always need to have a biography in the mix
Use Your Brain to Change Your Age by Daniel Amen - a self-help book is a necessity
The Color of Heaven by Julianne MacLean - a fiction selection that sounds intriguing
Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult - a family saga novel
Ed King by David Guterson - a novel based on Oedipus Rex by a local Northwest author

 How could I NOT love the possibilities??  (And as I mentioned before I'm ever thankful for libraries now carrying ebooks so I no longer have to spend a small fortune for reading material on my Nook.)

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