Saturday, January 26, 2013

Success is Learning What Doesn't Work

Spent most of the day on that darn 5 pointed star base basket.  I definitely now know a myriad of ways that it DOESN'T work.  (I'll give it a few more tries on Sunday.)  Sometimes you just have to walk away for awhile.

What was left with the day I practiced the harp, did some bookkeeping for a non-profit, crocheted on a scarf, and almost finished beading a small lidded container.

Most of tomorrow will be spent traveling to the textile guild meeting for the islands on Shaw Island.  The ferry schedule from my island to that of the meeting is horrible - will get there 2 hours early and leave after everyone else to come home.  But I will have company with a new friend, and certainly time to crochet a bit.....the epitome of slower living!

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