Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rainy is an Understatement

Yes, I am native to Washington State and the Northwest.  Yes, I absolutely adore the rain. There is nothing more soothing than lying in bed listening to rain drops on the roof. It also helps that I have a hair style that can survive the wet and humidity.

We have had steady rain (not a downpour) for the last 24 hours.  My rain guage is at .98 inches for this last 24 hours.  (Well, okay, my guage is digital, wireless, and that cheating??) And there are flood watches now in effect for the surrounding lowlands.

Perhaps I should temper my love of rain?  Well, I'm not causing it, I know. Perhaps my perspective simply reflects my "glass half full" attitude (pun intended) - to love the rain since I live where we certainly have our fair share?

Just can't help it - it's raining, and it's a good day.

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