Monday, January 7, 2013

Tea Snob

When did I become a tea snob?  It's not that I need to have the most expensive teas.  And it's not that I even have to make tea from loose leaves.  But I absolutely have to have pure, tasteless water with which to make my morning tea.  On the island, while our water is definitely safe to drink, it does have its own taste that simply makes an undrinkable cup of tea, to my view and taste buds, that is.  Hence I have the indispensable Britta.

And of course I've already mentioned my favorite cup, made locally on the island.

And I need my tea bag squeezer and teapot shaped little dish to rest it on.

And the water needs to be very, very hot without boiling.

Perhaps I'd feel better if I called it my morning tea ritual?  Either way, I'm afraid it makes me sound old.  Or may I simply blame it on being 7/8 Scottish and call it good?

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