Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Decluttering Momentum


Yesterday, my first day home from traveling, as I was catching up with emails and doing the financial reckoning from my classes and sales, I looked around my office and realized how cluttered it really was.  So after doing the essential chores, I just started sorting and clearing one area.  The initial plan (I told myself) was to clean up just one corner and gather the obsolete files (8 years old, since we need to keep 7 years worth of files in case of an audit) for shredding.

Well, once that was done, I started slowly moving around the room, clearing one small area at a time.  Today, I still have 3 shelves on the bookcase left to sort, and one side under my desk to declutter, and the desk itself.  However, I managed to clear out 4 boxes of books (that we took down to Half Priced Books for cash last night), and two large boxes of old magazines for recycling.  The "keeper" magazines (baskets, beads, crochet, fiber) are stacked and ready to be put into magazine holders....that I already have waiting and ready for use, and their place ready on the shelves downstairs.

If I had told myself I had to clean almost my entire office in one day, I would have procrastinated for sure.  It really is true - just get started, and the momentum will keep you going.  Now I can actually see what is in here, I can breathe better, there is room on the bookshelves, and I even have a bit more money in my purse.  I also found a few things that I thought were lost for good.

All in all - a productive day!

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