Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Not Spending Continued - the Library

I was thinking about our resolution of not spending for a few months - which of course led me to search the web for like-minded folks.  And so proving that there are few truly original ideas in the world....I found a blog by Angela Barton that I'm sure will be inspirational in our pursuit:
http://www.myyearwithoutspending.com/.  She also refers to other blogs and articles about simpler living (huh!), living green, etc. that I'm eager to explore.

My thoughts today were centered around the enjoyment and relief of not spending.  It's easy - just don't shop.  I'm saving so much time by NOT looking on-line for books, beads, patterns, kits, whatever.  If I really, really need something, of course, I'll get it.  But I'm redefining the word "need" for me, in my life, at this moment in time.

And one of my biggest savings involves learning to check out ebooks from the library and download them to my Nook.  I'm a voracious reader, and it was startling to realize how quickly and easily I could spend large sums to feed my reading habit.  Buying one book at a time on-line was seductive and made it difficult to keep tabs on just what I was actually spending, since I wasn't walking into the bookstore and carrying out armloads of books. THAT would register, obviously.  Thankfully the library has clear instructions on how to get set up to check out ebooks...takes a little work, but definitely worth the effort.

All of which has made me realize that I no longer need to own the print version of most books.  There are a few, of course, that I treasure and keep.  But that list is getting shorter and shorter.

Now I need to explore the sites that have FREE ebooks........  There is whole new reading world out there!!

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