Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Too Tranquil?

This morning I discovered an interesting problem - I think I am too relaxed and tranquil to write my morning pages (as part of working The Artist's Way) every day!  Usually there is so much "stuff" rummaging around in my head - things I worry about, lists of things to do, and all the miscellaneous garbage that could interfere with creativity.

Simply being here on the island relaxes me - body, soul, and mind - so completely that I just sat there, pen in hand, doodling.  And writing over and over there wasn't anything niggling or bothering me.  Oh, I know there are some days that it's HARD to write (I've been doing these pages for years) - but this was different.  I am simply calm inside. 

I did jot down some thoughts for new projects and designs, but there was no outpouring of the usual sort.  I just feel cleansed, and content.

Isn't this what we long for?  So instead of writing, I think I'll go practice the harp.

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