Saturday, November 17, 2012

Birthdays Are Good for You

Yesterday was my birthday - the number (63) while starting to SOUND old, is just a heart and brain just don't seem to feel old at all.  And I find, as in many things, I am more and more like my mother - she never lied about her age and was always proud to be who she was.

So for my birthday, I chose to celebrate "my" way:
   -  At Anadaré with my husband and Bailey the Cat (and still amazed that I am really here - on this
                day last year I never would have dreamed that we would have a home on Lopez and I
                would be celebrating my birthday here.)
   -  Breakfast of bagels, lox and cream cheese  (such a treat!!)
   -  Learning a new technique:  Byzantine chain maille (started making a gold and black necklace)
   -  Started learning to play the harp (my husband surprised me with a rented 34-string harp with
                DVD and several books to teach myself to play - he knows me so well).  Well yes, most of
                the first hour was tuning it......but even that was fun.
   -  Walks to the beach for agates and driftwood - pleased with myself that I actually checked the tide
                 tables so I'd know when low tide was (old dog and new tricks comes to mind)
   -  Attended an artist's reception for a show opening (jewelry and fiber artists) right here on Lopez.
                 Saw some amazing jewelry made from beach pebbles.....really!
   -  Dessert and tea at a local restaurant was the plan, but the restaurant was closed, so bought some
                 local ice cream and had a sundae back at the house.
   -  And so many birthday cards and phone calls this year - wow!  I feel so very loved.

Looking back on my 63 years, I've come to know that prayer works, family and friends are so very important and vital to me, I'm responsible for my own actions and health, forgiveness is really just as simple as letting go, and life is here to experience fully - every single minute.  Take nothing for granted, be thankful for all things (big and small), and simpler really is better.

And I most quote one Hallmark card that I received from my sister-in-law:
     Laugh so hard that you go into
     Silent laugh mode, and you come
     Dangerously close to falling out of your chair,
     But you don't.
     Happy birthday.  That happy.

And it was.

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