Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Slower Life Style

While rushing around running errands yesterday, chauffering to doctor appointments, helping dear son with his new apartment, and actually being out of the house "doing" things for over 12 hours, I had some driving time in the car to reflect on the magnetic attraction of Lopez and the time there to SLOW DOWN. 

I found an interesting article on living a slower life style. (This is only a small part of it - I encourage reading the entire thing.)
Against such ingrained habits, the slow movement says, essentially: slow down and live better. Honoré calls it “a cultural revolution against the notion that faster is always better.’’ He emphasizes that does not mean shifting from the fast lane to the breakdown lane, but rather finding “the right speed’’ for life’s tasks, and “living life rather than rushing through it.’’ The slow movement urges changes in lifestyles and workplace habits that move away from multitasking, competition, and compulsive consumerism. The end result, advocates say, will be better physical and mental health, and more social interaction that can tighten bonds between individuals and their communities. The movement’s guiding precept is this: Savor experiences rather than marking them off your mental checklist before racing on to the next thing. “Once you get this simple idea in your head,’’ Honoré says, “it affects everything you do: sex, parenting, exercise, travel, design, food, medicine, you name it.’’

And there is actually a World Institute of Slowness that has some fascinating articles, a blog, and YouTube clips about it.

I'm certainly not the first to hunger for a slower life!  Think I'll take a break from my to-do list, slow down, and read some more.....

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