Thursday, November 1, 2012


Not exactly a day for productive work, but I keep reminding myself that the view is so spectacular, who cares?  The septic alarm was going off when I arrived (from too much rain in a very short time span?), so have been calling to get that figured out.  A trench has been dug in the back of the property, and in talking with the power guy that was here today, the neighbors that dug it did not have approval.  And of course, expecting the internet to work properly when I first plug in my computer was obviously a bit too optimistic.

But the beans are soaking for soup tomorrow, I made some mac and cheese with hamburger for comfort food tonight, and I'm settling in to weave and then bead, listening to the rain on the roof.   And I seriously doubt that I will have any trick or treaters for Halloween on my end of this dead end road.

 Kitty and I are warm and cozy and snug.  I tend to forget, while I am away, how this place simply calms my soul.

And I am content. 

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